Outside the box Customer Service Training for businesses in the digital age.
  It's not our parents' Customer Service any more. Customer Service should have grown with the Internet. Unfortunately for many   
  companies that didn't happen. Customer Service today still includes the person at a Customer Service desk in a brick and mortar store.
  However Customer Service is also the emails you send and respond to; your website and your social media presence.

   Above the norm Customer Service today means more profitability for your company. A recent study   
   found 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience, but only 1% of customers     
   said vendors met their expectations.

   Customers are talking – to their (local) friends and family as well as to everyone they are connected
   with on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a score of other social media websites.

   Customers First! has grown out of the ever-growing need for companies to bring their Customer Service
   Training into the digital age. New Customer Service Skills are needed to respond to the needs of  
   customers who may still shop in brick and mortar stores, but do their research online prior to walking
   through your  door. If your website does not easily answer the questions your customers are asking,      
   they will find another business whose website is more focused.

   Customers First! provides:
• Customized Customer Service Training, targeted to your business and industry for both your brick and mortar store as well as your
electronic presence, be it email, website, or social media.
• Secret Shopper review of your website
• Customer Service Tips

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